Accreditation by NAAC

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council an Autonomous Institution of the University Grants commission has been assessing the performance of the universities and Colleges. It sent a peer team comprising Prof. Y. Vaikuntham as Chairman, Prof. N.S.Donga as member of Co-ordinator and Dr. Mrs. Praveena Thukral as member to our college on 17th and 18th December 2012 to assess our college on seven criteria namely :
(i) Curricular Aspects
(ii) Teaching – Learning and Evaluation
(iii) Research
(iv) Consultancy and Extension
(v) Infrastructure and Learning Resources
(vi) Student Support and Progress
(vii) Organisation and Management and Healthy practices .
Highly satisfied with our performance, our college was accredited with ‘B’ Grade on 5th January 2013 by NAAC on the recommendations of peer team for a period of five years .