Class Hours

Forenoon : 09.30 am to 12.45 pm

Afternoon : 01.30 pm to 04.00 pm


Students should attend the instruction classes on all working days. Written application for leave should be submitted at least one day in advance.

If a student absents himself for five consecutive working days without applying for leave, her name will be removed by the college from the roll of attendence.

Attendance is taken daily and those who are arrived at late are marked as absent.

No student will be released from the training until the course is completed. No student will be allowed to appear for the B.Ed., Degree Examination unless she puts in 90% of the attendance of the total working days.

Teaching Practice and other Practicals

Teaching practice as part of the training programme is arranged at two phases.

Other Practicals

Every student must undertake a number of other practicals as prescribed by the College which is necessary instructions would be given at the beginning of the academic year.

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